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Seemlessly integrated with Ellington CMS

Easily control, monitor and track the ads on your Ellington CMS site.

Rotate, Schedule & Target Ads

Rotate, schedule and target your ads individually or as a group.


AdPlugg is incredibly easy to use. If you can drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste, you can use AdPlugg.

Scalable Service and Pricing

Serve anywhere from hundreds to billions of ads per month.

Used By Over 20,000 businesses, including:
Fiesta Bowl
Wine Enthusiast
Boston College

Maximize your site’s revenue

Save time and start making more money.

Ad Manager

Save time

Simply supply the AdPlugg ad tags for your site to the team at ePublishing and then manage which ads show across your articles all from a slick dashboard at adplugg.com. Schedule your ads to start and stop whenever you want.

Ad Server Reports

Make more money

Run ads from any source. Rotate your ads to get the most revenue from each ad spot. Provide your advertisers with high quality reports to give them the confidence they need to keep advertising with you.

What people are saying about AdPlugg

Some kind words from our awesome customers:

"We've been using Adplugg as our ad server for almost 3 years now. Rarely have we had any questions but when we do, the AdPlugg team has always gone above and beyond in researching and explaining things to us.
Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee
Owner: Host Agency Reviews

"AdPlugg is wonderful and does its purpose. The analytics are a wonderful asset to present to all ad partners for following up with impression and engagement and conversions, or click throughs. Would definately recommend this plugin – 6 out of 5 stars!"
Cooper R. Smith

Cooper R. Smith
Owner: Hashtags, Likes & Shares - Oh My!

AdPlugg has tons of awesome features

With all of these features, how could you not give AdPlugg a try?



Rotate your ads to maximize the revenue from each spot on your site. You can rotate on a timer or on refresh. Rotate the order of your ads, which ads display, or both.



Schedule your ads to start/stop on certain dates. You can schedule your ads individually or in groups.



Target your ads individually or as a group. Target them by page, location on the page, and more.



Track every time an ad is viewed or clicked. View graphs and charts that show the performance of your ads. Provide reports to your advertisers to maximize advertiser satisfaction and retention.

Plans and Pricing

No long term commitments, only pay for what you use.

unlimited usage*
10 different web ad formats
pro-level targeting
charts and reports
30 day money back guarantee
*usage rates apply for over 100k imp/m


Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is there immediate access?

Yes, you can start using the system right after you sign up.

Can I switch plans later?

Absolutely. You can switch plans, or cancel your account altogether whenever you like. We will adjust any charges accordingly.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Just downgrade (or cancel) before the end of 30 days and any charges will be refunded back to your card.

Will AdPlugg work with my site?

Yes, AdPlugg runs using standard HTML and JavaScript and will work with any site. Simply paste the supplied JavaScript and html tags into your site files and then control everything from your account at adplugg.com. WordPress users can use our WordPress plugin.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as paypal. Free plan users do not need to supply payment details. Similar to other clould based services, we bill at the start of the month for the prior month’s service.

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