Blog Advertising Equals Increased Revenues

Blog advertising is the general term used for the act of advertising on a web log or “blog”.

The Blogosphere

Most blogs are based around a topic. There are blogs about cooking, fishing, golfing, parenting, weddings, technology and just about any other topic that you can imagine. Many blogs get even more specific, for instance there are blogs about french cooking, bass fishing, golfing in Florida, etc. The blogoshpere is the term given collectively to all of the blogs in existence. The blogoshere has grown so large that it is now one of the largest sources of information on the web.

The popularity of blog reading in general can be attributed to:

Blog Readership

Blogs are regularly read by readers interested in the topic of the blog. Often readers will read the blog daily. Blogs are also often visited by readers who were referred to the blog by a search engine while searching for a specific topic.

Blog Advertising for the Blogger

For the blogger, blog advertising means monetizing their blog by placing ads on it. The ads are often placed across the top and in the sidebar. For the blogger, the main key-points for blog advertising tend to be:

Blog Advertising for the Advertiser

For the advertiser, blog advertising is a way to target a very specific target audience. Does your site sell souffle dishes? Get in front of people interested in french cooking by advertising on a french cooking blog. Are you trying to fill tee times at your golf resort in Orlando? Advertise on the blog about golfing in Florida! For the advertiser, the typical key-points tend to be:

Blog Advertising Equals Increased Revenues

Blog advertising is great for both the blogger and advertiser. Bloggers want to show relevant ads on their blog and earn money for the blog. Advertisers want to drive targeted prospects to their site who will buy their product or service. When blog advertising is done correctly, both the blogger and the advertiser are able to dramatically increase revenues. The blogger increase revenues by selling ad space on their blog and the advertiser increases revenues by selling their product or service to the blog’s readers.