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At you can create a FREE account and be making money with your blog or content site in no time. Using our blog advertising and website advertising system, advertisers can place ads on blogs and other sites to build website traffic and increase e-commerce revenue.

The AdPlugg system is made up of three components:

It's No Wonder Everyone Loves AdPlugg

A wide range of website compatibility is just one reason why so many bloggers and advertisers are using the AdPlugg ad plugin.

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AdPlugg Has Tons of Awesome Features!

With all of these features, how could you not give AdPlugg a try?

  • Ad Rotator
    Set the ad rotator to randomly choose the position that ads are displayed in.
  • Banner Rotator
    Configure the ad manager to rotate which banner is displayed in a single spot.
  • Schedule Ads
    Set your ads to start and stop on specific dates.
  • Track Ads
    Track the number of times that your ads have been viewed and clicked.
  • Analytics
    View graphs and charts that show the performance of your ads.
  • Easy Setup
    AdPlugg is amazingly easy to set up, get up and running in just a couple of minutes.
  • WordPress Ad Plugin
    Our WordPress Ad Plugin makes getting set up on WordPress a breeze.
  • Snippet
    Use our code snippets to drop prepared code directly into your site's source code.
  • Facebook Instant Article Ads
    Use AdPlugg to serve you own ads into Facebook Instant Articles.