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About the WordPress Ad Plugin

The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to easily place ads on your WordPress site. Once the plugin is installed, simply drag the AdPlugg widget to any widget area. From there, all ads are managed using our easy to use ad management system. This system allows you to manage images and urls for each ad along with a huge array of other options. The ad management system also provides analytics for your ads including reports that show the impressions and clicks for each ad. This is just the tip of the iceburg however, the software has loads of additional options and features, sign up for free today and see how easy it is to manage ads on your site.

So your site doesn't run on WordPress? Don't fret, you can use our Ad Snippet  instead.

How does it work?

The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin installs in seconds and is super easy to configure. First you install and activate it just as you would for any other WordPress plugin. Next, put in your AdPlugg Access Code. Lastly, place the AdPlugg Ad Widget into any Widget Area to have ads instanty start displaying on your site. You'll have complete control and tracking of your ads from adplugg.com.

Get the WordPress Ad Plugin

Press the "Download The WordPress Ad Plugin!" button below to get the WordPress Ad Plugin.

Download The WordPress Ad Plugin!


The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is also available from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. Use the below link to go there now.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin on WordPress.org

From Your Website Admin Panel

You can download and install the AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin directly from within your WordPress admin panel.

In the plugin section of the WordPress admin, select Add New and then enter "AdPlugg" in the search bar. The first result will be the AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin. From there you can click Install Now to download the plugin directly from WordPress.org and have it automatically installed.

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