The AdPlugg demo showcases the amazing functionality available with AdPlugg!

A simple Image ad is shown here. See the “Select Demo” menu above for additional demos.

This site is designed to be very minimal, allowing you to visualize how these ads would look with your own creatives/branding and on your own site.

All ads are easily customized using the AdPlugg Ad Manager. In this demo we’ve gone ahead and set up a couple of demo ads and targeted them to the different demo pages. On your site, you could use any combination of these ad formats and can of course put multiple ads and/or formats on a page.

Responsive Ads

Many of the demos use responsive ad formats. This means that the ads automatically resize to fit different size screens while maintaining detail and legibility. Try resizing your browser window or pulling this demo up on a phone or tablet to see the responsive awesomeness in action.

Launch Events

A number of the ad formats support launch events. Launch Events allow you to launch the ad based on a timed or user-action related event. Here are some of the events that you can use:

  • Immediately upon page load
  • After a set number of seconds
  • After the user scrolls a little
  • After the user reaches the bottom of the page

Wait till You See the Inside!

This demo just showcases the user facing part of AdPlugg. The AdPlugg Ad Manager makes setting up, scheduling, targeting and managing these kinds of ads a breeze.

“It is the most simple ad system I have seen to implement.” -Matt S.

The AdPlugg Ad Server also tracks each ad impression and click. Within the Ad Manager you can see charts and reports showing how your ads are performing.

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