Responsive Image Ads

Want to show a 970×90 on desktops, a 728×90 on tablets, and a 300×250 on mobile? It’s easy with AdPlugg! Just upload your three ad images and AdPlugg will automatically switch between them. Try resizing this page to see it in action.


The example above was just that, an example. The sizes that you use are totally up to you. Use standard sizes or custom ones, it’s up to you!

File Types

You can do responsive ads with any standard image files. The files can be of type jpeg, png, gif, animated gif, etc.

Always look Good on Any Device

Different ad images look good on different size devices. If your site is responsive, you’ll want the best image size for the user’s particular device. AdPlugg makes this easy with Responsive Image Ads.

HTML 5 Ads Instead

This demo shows switching between images to make an ad responsive but you can also do it with HTML 5 ads. See the demo here.

AdPlugg is The Bees Knees

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