Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are dialog ads on steroids. These ads cover the entire page and are typically displayed before the page can be viewed by the user. AdPlugg’s interstitial ads are responsive and include a variety of components to maximize their effectiveness.


AdPlugg’s Interstitial Ads are responsive. This means that they automatically resize to fit perfectly into any size screen including mobile, tablets, notebooks, desktops etc. If you are viewing this demo on a device that supports it, resize your browser window and watch the Interstitial ad resize itself to fit the screen size perfectly.


AdPlugg’s Interstitial Ads include a title, image, text and a call-to-action button. You can use any combination of these components and omit any that you don’t want/need.


Style the Interstitial Ads to match your theme or branding. You can change the color of the box, text, button, etc. on a per ad basis.


The entire Interstitial Ad surface is clickable. When the user clicks the ad, their click is logged by the AdPlugg Ad Server and they are taken to the ad’s click-through URL.


After having an opportunity to click-through the ad, the user is able to click the “x” in the top right of the corner of the box and close the ad.

Launch Events

Interstitial Ads can be set to launch on a variety of events including:

  • Immediately upon page load
  • After a set number of seconds
  • After the user scrolls a little
  • After the user reaches the bottom of the page

Get Maximum Effectiveness with Full Page Interstitial Ads

AdPlugg’s responsive Interstitial Ads allow you to make a big impression on each user that accesses the page regardless of what size their device is. Sign up for an AdPlugg account and start using this awesome format immediately.