Ad Rotator

AdPlugg’s ad rotator allows you to rotate any number of ads giving you the ability to divide your ad inventory to maximize your ad revenue.


AdPlugg allows you to rotate which ad is visible. With this functionality you can, for instance, rotate 10 ads in your top bar while only displaying one ad at a time.


With AdPlugg, you can rotate the position of any number of ads. With this functionality you can have say five ads rotating in your sidebar with each ad getting an equal amount of time in the top spot.

Timed Rotate or On-Refresh

You can set your ads to rotate on a timed interval or when the page is refreshed.

Combine Strategies

You can use any number of ad rotator strategies together. For instance you could create a set of 20 ads that rotate in and out of 10 positions every 8 seconds.

Ad Rotator Rocks!

Maximize your ad revenue by maximizing your ad inventory. Use the AdPlugg ad rotator to make the most out of each bit of real estate on your website.