Dialog Ads

Dialog Ads are another one of our modern, responsive ad formats. Dialog ads are guaranteed to be seen by the user, can make a lasting impression and can convert!


Dialog Ads are responsive. This means that they are automatically sized to fit all screen sizes including mobile, tablet, notebook, desktop, etc. Go ahead and try it – resize your browser window and watch the ad resize itself to fit while maintaining legibility.


Dialog Ads include a title, image, body and call to action. This marriage of formats allows for a single ad to bring about brand awareness and convert. Any combination of components can be used and components can be omitted if desired.


The colors of the text and the dialog itself can be easily modified on a per ad basis in the AdPlugg Ad Manager.


The entire surface of the dialog is clickable and all clicks are tracked by the AdPlugg Ad Server.


After viewing the message and having an opportunity to act, the user can close the dialog by clicking the “x” in the top right corner of the ad.

Launch Events

Dialog Ads can be set to launch on a variety of events including:

  • Immediately upon page load
  • After a set number of seconds
  • After the user scrolls a little
  • After the user reaches the bottom of the page

Make an Impression with Modern, Responsive Ads

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