Timed Ad Rotator

AdPlugg’s timed ad rotator allows you to set your ads to rotate on a timer. This makes it so that the ads rotate while the user is reading your content.


You can use the timed rotate feature to rotate ads in and out of visibility so that multiple ads can share a single spot on the page, such as the top bar.


The timed rotate feature can rotate the position of multiple ads so that they each get time in the top position.

Combine Strategies

You can combine visibility, position and the timed rotate feature. For instance, you could set 20 ads to rotate in and out of 10 spots every 8 seconds.


With AdPlugg every time the ads rotate we track the impression so you know exactly how many times your ad has been shown. We also track every click for you so you can see how your ads are performing.

Timed Rotate: On Time, On Point!

Rotate your ads on a timed interval to maximize each ad spot and give your advertisers an equal share of the best placements on your site!