Custom Ads

AdPlugg’s Custom format gives you complete control over the content of your ads. They are great for a number of different purposes and use cases.

Types of Custom Ads

AdPlugg allows for two different types of custom ads:

  1. Manually Entered
  2. Zipped/Uploaded

Manually Entered Custom Ads

With manually entered custom ads, you are given a text box where you can copy-and-paste or key in anything that you want. For instance, you could put in any of the following:

  • Html/JavaScript from an ad network (such as Google AdSense)
  • Html/JavaScript from an affiliate network such as Amazon Associates or Commission Junction.
  • Html/JavaScript received from an advertiser or third party ad server.
  • An HTML5 ad

Zipped/Uploaded Custom Ads

AdPlugg allows you to upload a zipped creative. The creative usually uses a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to display an ad. When you upload the zipped file to AdPlugg, AdPlugg automatically extracts the file and sets it up to be served by the AdPlugg Ad Server. These types of ads are served into an iframe. The files for the ad are similar to those of a small website and typically include an index.html file, a CSS stylesheet and sometimes a .js JavaScript page.

AdPlugg is Flexible

AdPlugg can serve and track just about any kind of ad you can come up with. Sign up and start serving your ads with AdPlugg today!