Flash Ads

Flash Ads get attention. The animation and effects that they offer allow you to bring your brand or product to life and bring traffic to your site.

High Quality

Flash ads are one of the highest quality display ad formats that you can use. Flash ads can regularly be seen in use by big name companies from soft drinks to automobiles because of the high end nature of the creatives possible with the Flash format.

ClickTag Support

AdPlugg allows you to use industry standard ClickTags within your Flash ads. Click tags make it so that you can easily change the click through url of the ad without having to modify the ad’s source code.

Fallback Options

While Flash is supported by a huge number of devices, many modern devices aren’t able to display Flash. AdPlugg automatically detects for Flash support and can fall back to an alternative format (such as HTML5, animated gif, or image) if the user’s device doesn’t support Flash.

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