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Create a Custom Plan

Are our pre-packaged plans not quite fitting your needs? Design your own "custom" plan!

  • Instant access
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Billed monthly, no long term commitment
  • Compatible with any website
  • Excellent member support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Custom quoted monthly base fee
  • Low usage rates (see below)
  • 100,000/imps/month @ $0.00
  • Serve billions of ads per month
  • All of the features of the AdPlugg Free plan
  • All of the features of the AdPlugg Pro Plan
  • Select only the Business-Level features that you need.

Choose Your Business-Level Features

Custom plans come with all of the features of the AdPlugg Free and AdPlugg Pro Plans. Select only the business-level features that you need.

Select from the following list of Business-level features.

  • Automated Report Emails - Have reports automatically emailed to you, your team, advertisers, etc. Schedule the emails to send daily, weekly, or monthly based on your requirements.
  • Geotargeting - Configure your ads or placements to target or exclude any geolocation that you choose. For instance, you could create a placement that targets California but excludes Los Angeles. Sell regional ads at a premium.
  • In-Stream Ads - Use AdPlugg to serve skippable pre-roll ads before your video content. Supports all major video players including JW Player, Brightcove, etc.
  • Delivery Controls - Set ads to only serve a certain number of impressions per month. Pace ads so that the impressions are spread out throughout the month.
  • Frequency Controls - Control how often an ad is shown to a particular user. Set your dialog, slide-in and other types of ads to only show to each user once per day.
  • Email Ads - Sell ad space in your newsletters or use the space in your newsletters to promote your own products and features. Works with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Ad Groups and A/B Testing - Create ad variations and group them together to A/B test, etc.

Usage Rates

Save money by only paying for what you use.

Pay the same low usage rates on the Custom Plan as you do on the Pro and Business Plans.

See the table below for usage rates.

Impressions (per Month) Rate (per CPM)
0 - 100 K $0.0000
100 K - 250 K $0.0700
250 K - 500 K $0.0600
500 K - 1 M $0.0500
1 M - 2.5 M $0.0400
2.5 M - 5 M $0.0360
5 M - 10 M $0.0310
10 M - 20 M $0.0260
20 M - 50 M $0.0190
50 M - 100 M $0.0175
100 M - 250 M $0.0150
250 M - 500 M $0.0115
500 M - 1 B $0.0090
1 B - 2.5 B $0.0080
2.5 B - 5 B $0.0070

5 Stars -

With instant access and a 30 day money back guarantee, why not give AdPlugg a try?

Contact us for a quote.

What Happens When I Request a Quote?

We will get back to you with pricing for the custom plan that you are interested in. If you sign up, you will pay a custom base fee for access to the features that you want included in your custom plan.

What if I Want to Add More Features Later?

No problem, just contact us and we can let you know what (if any) additional costs will be involved in gaining access to the additional features.

How Does the Money Back Guarantee Work?

Just downgrade your account within 30 days and any charges will be refunded to your card.