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AdPlugg Lands Coveted Domain


AdPlugg secures the highly coveted domain and launches new service

San Francisco, CA, 8/27/2020 — Today, AdPlugg launched The domain is the latest of the highly prized .new domains to be awarded and launched. Go to to start a new Spotify playlist, go to to start a new Google document and now, go to to create a new ad with AdPlugg. The .new TLD (Top Level Domain) is a new initiative from Google to make your favorite actions on the web into easy to remember and use URLs.

Controlled from the aptly named, the .new TLD is a new way of thinking about domains. Rather than having to navigate to a site and then navigate the site’s unique interface in order to get started on something, just go to Want to create a new logo? Go to (Adobe). Want to create a new blog post? Go to (Automattic/WordPress). Want to make a dinner reservation? Go to (OpenTable)? And now, if you want to create a new ad, simply go to (AdPlugg).

AdPlugg is a relatively small player in a world filled with digital advertising behemoths such as Google and Facebook but they’ve grown a fiercely loyal following - especially amongst WordPress users who flock to AdPlugg’s Free Plan.

“We are both thrilled and honored by the privilege to host”, said AdPlugg CEO, Collin Krawll. “The experience is something totally new to the web and to the world of digital advertising. I think it is a step that will make digital advertising much more accessible long term.”

By going to, you are immediately able to create a fully hosted, managed and tracked digital ad. Simply give the ad a name, an image and a click-through URL - that’s all there is to it.

For the more than 18,000 existing AdPlugg users, the ad and its stats immediately appear in their AdPlugg account and dashboard. Users new to the service need simply to include a username, email address and password (along with the ad related info) and a free AdPlugg account is created simultaneously with the creation of the digital ad.

Immediately following submission of the form, the user is supplied a small block of code. This is the digital ad. This code block can then be used on the users’ own website, provided to a publisher for use on their website or provided to an ad network for use within the network. Simply paste the code into any website and it will start working.

Whenever the ad is displayed to a user, the ad impression event is recorded. If the ad is clicked, that is recorded too. From the user’s dashboard at, they can see all of the ads that they’ve created along with how many impressions and clicks the ad is receiving.

About AdPlugg

AdPlugg is a hosted advertising system that provides tools for advertisers and publishers to use to manage, serve and track their ads. Users can set up a free or paid account instantly and start serving ads from their cloud based ad server within minutes. AdPlugg’s latest service,, is the fastest way to create a digital ad online.

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