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AdPlugg Releases New Business Plan Package

AdPlugg Business Plan


AdPlugg expands offering with new business plan package

San Francisco, CA, 5/16/2019 — Today, AdPlugg announced the release of its new Business Plan package. The new Business Plan package extends their existing Pro Plan and Free Plan packages with a host of new features designed specifically for business. Included in the new offering - amongst other features - are geotargeting, in-stream video ads, newsletter ads and automated report emails. The new features were developed in coordination with a number of AdPlugg’s existing clients and the package is available for $79 per month base - with additional fees dependent on traffic volume.

Amongst the most eagerly anticipated features was AdPlugg’s new in-stream video ads feature, which was developed in coordination with Fox Networks Group. This new feature allows video content producers to serve their own skippable pre-roll ads inside of the video player on their website.

The new geotargeting feature was developed in coordination with major magazine publishers operating in both the United States and Australia. The feature allows the publishers to target regional ads to readers within a specific geographic region while showing more general ads to readers from outside of the target region.

On the analytics side, the new Business Plan adds the ability to schedule reports to be automatically emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This feature improves communication between the publisher and their advertisers and aids with advertiser retention.

The included delivery control feature allows publishers to serve a fixed number of monthly impressions per ad. This feature allows publishers to better monetize their ad inventory and expand their own offerings.

Frequency controls, another feature of the Business Plan, allows publishers to restrict the number of times a reader is shown a particular ad. This feature allows the publisher to use high converting formats, such as slide-ins and pop-ups, without having them become intrusive or annoying.

Lastly, the plan includes an ad groups feature which allows users to group ads together to perform A/B testing, allowing them to see which ad performs the best. The ad groups feature can also be used to create a group of ads from the same source but with different messages.

“We are thrilled to be finally making the Business Plan available to all businesses” said AdPlugg CEO, Collin Krawll. The features of the business plan had been in development and in limited release with beta testers for over two years.

The AdPlugg Business Plan is available on a subscription basis from the website. The plan retails for $79 per month (base) with additional usage fees dependent on traffic volume.

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