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AdPlugg Announces New Advertiser Ad Server Service

Advertiser Ad Server


The AdPlugg ad service now improves ad context by allowing users to target ads based on the Open Graph tagging standard.

San Francisco, CA, 9/20/2017 — Today, AdPlugg announced the release of new advertiser ad server functionality, opening the service up to direct use by advertisers. At one time exclusively a tool for publishers, advertisers can now use AdPlugg to manage and serve their ads to sites across the internet. The AdPlugg service now gives advertisers the ability to easily manage and serve their ads, switch out creatives and click through urls, see detailed analytics and much more. AdPlugg is a unique offering within the industry based on its cloud based, instant access and low cost model.

AdPlugg is an ad server system that is already in use by more than 12,000 online publishers. Publishers use AdPlugg to manage the ads that appear on their website. The service gives publishers the ability to manage, schedule, rotate and track ads from any source.

The AdPlugg service is now available to advertisers as well. When advertisers run ads online, it is crucial that they be able to track how their ads are performing. This requires knowing how many impressions the ad is getting, how many clicks it is getting, and what its click through rate (CTR) is. By using an advertiser ad server, advertisers have access to this data and can use it to make critical business decisions.

In addition to the improved reporting capabilities, an advertiser ad server makes it so that advertisers can quickly and easily change their ads. When an advertiser provides an ad to a publisher, it can often be difficult to later change the ad image (creative) or where the link goes. By using an ad server, these things become dynamic. At any time, the advertiser can easily change out the ad image or where the link goes. This allows the advertiser to quickly adapt their ads based on market changes, product changes, or based on the stats and trends reported by the ad server’s analytics.

Advertiser ad servers (sometimes called third-party ad servers) typically cost tens of thousands of dollars per month and require significant investment in setup and management. AdPlugg is disruptive within the industry as it provides instant access and allows low volume advertisers to serve their ads for free.

“We are incredibly excited to be opening our platform up to advertisers” said said AdPlugg CEO, Collin Krawll. “Since we first started, we’ve been regularly approached by advertisers looking for this type of service and we are thrilled to be able to finally provide a solution for them”.

About AdPlugg

AdPlugg is a cloud-based ad server system that gives publishers - and now advertisers - an easy way to manage, serve and track their ads. For publishers, the system can be easily integrated into their website giving them the ability to easily control their ads all from their personalized dashboard at Advertisers can easily upload ads and then distribute tags to the publishers and networks that they work with. The advertisers can then manage and track their ads from

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