Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Displaying Ads Side by Side (in a horizontal row)

To style your AdPlugg ads so that they display side by side (in a horizontal row), you can use the following CSS.

.adplugg-tag .adplugg-ad {
    width: 300px;
    float: left;
    margin: 2px; 

If you aren't familiar with css, this says to set a width of all ads to 300px. It then says to float all ads to the left with a margin of 2px. This will style your ads in a horizontal row (as many will fit).

If your ads aren't 300px, change this value to whatever you need. Likewise, you can alter the margin value to suite your own preferences. You can also use CSS selectors to apply this rule to only some of your ads (such as the ads in your footer).

For it to work, you add the above CSS to your site's stylesheet.

If you are using WordPress, you can do the following to modify your stylesheet:

  1. Log in to your WordPress administrator.
  2. Go to Appearance, then Customize, then Additional CSS.
  3. Add the CSS code from above.
  4. Press the Save & Publish button at the top of the screen.

Users of other systems should consult their system's documentation for info regarding adding CSS rules.