Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Serving AdSense Ads with AdPlugg

This recipe shows you how to serve AdSense ads with AdPlugg. This recipe just serves the AdSense ad but you can combine the instructions here with other recipes to put your AdSense ads into rotation with other ads, target the AdSense ad to certain pages or certain Zones, use the AdSense ads for remnant inventory, etc.

Create the AdSense Ad

First, we'll create the AdSense ad.

  • Log into Google AdSense.
  • Go to Ads.
  • Go to the "By ad unit" tab.
  • Click on the "Display ads" tile.
  • Enter a name for your new ad unit (at the top).
  • Choose the Size that you want (Square, Horizontal or Vertical) using the buttons at the top.
  • Click the "Create" button (in the bottom right).
  • Copy the provided code snippet to your clipboard.

Create the AdPlugg Ad

Now, we will create an AdPlugg ad that serves the AdSense ad.

  • From your AdPlugg dashboard, go to Ads.
  • Click the "Create New Ad" button.
  • Give the ad a name (for example "AdSense").
  • Under Format, choose "Custom" (note that you will need to be on AdPlugg Pro or higher for access to the Custom format).
  • Paste the AdSense snippet that you copied during the steps above into the Source code field of the AdPlugg Custom format.
  • Use the targeting section to target the ad if desired.
  • Save the ad.

That's it! You can now serve your AdSense ad with AdPlugg. Now that it is created, you can target it to certain pages on your site, specific Zones, etc. You can also work the ad into rotation, use it for remnant inventory, and more. See the other recipes in the AdPlugg Cookbook for more ideas and instructions.

Note that you could also now repeat the above steps for the other available AdSense sizes. For example, if you created a "Square" AdSense ad above, you could now create "Horizontal" and "Vertical" AdSense ads using the same procedure.