Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Serving an Ad to a Third Party Publisher's Site

This recipe shows you how to use AdPlugg to serve your ad to a third party publisher's site.

Create A Zone

In this step, we'll create a zone that will run on the third party site. Using a Zone allows us to later switch out the ad for a different one.

  1. Go to Ads and then choose Zones
  2. Create a Zone and name it something like "Distributed 1". Set the Max Ad Count field to 1.
  3. Save the new zone.

Create An Ad

Now create an AdPlugg Ad.

  1. Go to Ads and then choose Ads.
  2. Give the ad a name and set the Click Through URL field to the URL where you want the user to be taken to when they click the ad.
  3. Upload an ad image
  4. Save the ad.

See the Ad Help Page for more info about creating ads.

Give the Zone Tag to the Publisher

Now we'll generate a tag for the Zone and give it to the publisher for them to serve on their site.

  1. Go to Ads and then Zones again.
  2. From your Zones list, click the Get Tag button in the Actions column.
  3. Copy the Advertiser tag and give it to any Publisher or Network that you advertise with (typically you can just email it to them).


That’s it. When the tag is rendered in the user's browser, it will retrieve, display and track your ad. You’ll be able to see your ad’s stats from the Analytics section of your AdPlugg dashboard. Later, you can alter your ad or create a new one and target it to the Distributed 1 Zone instead.