Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Creating a Single Ad Using the Snippet

Creating a single ad is very simple using AdPlugg. In this recipe we give you the steps for placing a single ad on your website using AdPlugg. This would be easy enough to do just using an img tag but by using AdPlugg you can track your ad and later build your ad setup out to a more sophisticated multi-ad setup. Note: This recipe is for if you are using the Snippet, if you are using the WordPress Ad Plugin, see this recipe instead.

  1. Create your Ad and upload an ad image (see the Ad Help Page)
  2. Download the snippet by going to Download > Snippet.
  3. Install the snippet into your site:
    1. Insert the AdPlugg JavaScript SDK into your website's source code (ideally right after the opening <head> tag).
    2. Insert the ad tag into your website's source code wherever you want your ad to display.