Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug


AdPlugg is an online service that helps both advertisers (such as e-commerce sites) and content providers (such as bloggers) maximize their online profits through effective online advertising.

Your AdPlugg Account and the AdPlugg Ad Server

By signing up with AdPlugg, you create an account and gain access to our high performance cloud based ad servers. With your account, you can create ads and then serve them with the AdPlugg Plugin.

The AdPlugg Plugin

The AdPlugg plugin can be installed into any site to easily place ads whever you want them to appear. You can then control the ads by logging in at The AdPlugg plugin accesses our high performance cloud based ad servers to serve the ads. The AdPlugg Ad Plugin was designed to serve ads asynchronously, meaning that the page will load independently of the ads. This means that the plugin and your ads will never slow your site down.