Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Creating a Single Ad on Wix Using the Snippet

This recipe shows you how to add an AdPlugg ad to your Wix site. This recipe just adds a single ad but you can use it to add any number of ads by combining it with other recipes, etc. The recipe uses the AdPlugg Ad Snippet (which will work on any site) but this recipe has instructions that are specific to a Wix site.

Important Note

As of this writing, Wix only allows you to add custom HTML/JavaScript via the Wix "HTML App". The Wix HTML App inserts your custom code inside of an iFrame.  This limits AdPlugg (and any other code inserted using this method) to working within the iFrame only.  This means that ALL of the AdPlugg code must reside within the iFrame/HTML App because it will be "sandboxed" inside of it, unable to access other parts of the page.

Create An Ad

First, we need to create an AdPlugg Ad.

  1. From within your AdPlugg account, create an Ad and upload an ad image (see the Ad Help Page)

Add the AdPlugg Snippet to your Site

Next we are going to add the AdPlugg SDK to your Wix site.

  1. Log in at
  2. Select your site.
  3. From the Site Actions dropdown, choose "Edit Site".
  4. From the Wix site editor, click the Add (+) button.
  5. Go to More and under "Embeds", choose "HTML iFrame".
  6. Place the Wix HTML App box where you want the ad/ads to appear.  
  7. Resize the box to fit your ads.
  8. If you want the ads to appear on all pages, right click on the box and enable the "Show on all pages" setting.
  9. Click the "Enter Code" button.
  10. From within your account at, click Download and then Snippet.
  11. Click the "Get The Snippet" button.
  12. Copy the AdPlugg SDK and the AdPlugg Ad Tag and paste it into the "Add your code here" box in the the Wix Site Editor.
  13. Click the Apply button to save your code.
  14. Save and publish your site.

You should now be able to see the ad live on your site.

Adding More Ads!

You can insert ads into other areas of your wix site using the same technique that we used above.  You can also use AdPlugg Zones to serve different (or the same) ads into your content, sidebar, header, footer etc.