Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Ability to choose load order


I loved this ap so much. But I had to give up on it for another option that could load more quickly. As an image-intensive wedding blog, loading the ads last meant that viewers had already scrolled past the ads before they loaded! I'm sure a few gifs wouldn't have ruined their viewing experience but not having the ads visible would ruin my chance at selling ads. It would have been great to have an option to load ads before the content. 

However, the feedback from the support teams was great! So basically your ap is all around perfect save for this one thing that was a dealbreaker. =/

Hi, we just updated the AdPlugg ad loader to help address this issue. Now AdPlugg will now run immediately and will fill any tags/widgets that have already been rendered. It will then run again once the page has finished loading to pick up any tags that weren't there yet the first time that AdPlugg ran.