Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Advertiser Billing


I'd like to be able to bill/charge my advertisers directly through AdPlugg.

I vote for this also. is this still under review?
Yes, this is currently in the pipeline and hopefully we'll have the feature available soon.
I would like this to. is it still under review?
Yes, still under review.
It would definately be a good feature to have,
I have to say (as a web developer) this is a likely a LARGE group of small-medium site publishers and niche publishers (like me) that are looking for exactly this feature. I realized you would have to build in a whole 'checkout/billing' component that isn't really part of your current scheme, but yeah... there is no one I can find offering small businesses a way to sell their own ads to their clients. The software I am using is pretty old and won't run on PHP 7+ so I am sort of stuck trying to find something else. And I have spent many days looking. All the solutions out there want to replicate Google AdWords instead of just saying... hey... client... sign up, pick your ad plan, and pay, monthly, annually, whatever. Do it! :)
This is now available through a new Advertiser Portal add-on. Please contact us for details.