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Geographical Targeting


It would be really useful to be able to create placements that only show to people in specific geographical locations, with "include" and "exclude" selections for countries.

For example, if my site has a mix of both UK visitors and visitors from other countries, I'd like to be able to create two placements for the same zone that are set up as follows:

Placement 1 - For ads targetted at UK visitors - Set to "Include" United Kingdom

Placement 2 - For ads targetted at Rest of World - Set to "Exclude" United Kingdom

That way, my UK visitors will always be seeing the most relevant ads.

This would be VERY helpful! :)
This would be VERY specific and helpful.
Did this every progress? Would be a great feature to have available.
This is still in the queue with a number of other items in front of it. Hopefully we will have it available soon.
We would love to see this feature in Adplugg!
This feature is now under active development.
This feature has been added and is now part of the AdPlugg Business Plan.
It would be great for more detail geo targeting. It would great we could get a breakdown of the following: The name of the video the ad(s) appeared on, in addition to geo targeting breakdown of city, state and country.