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Ad rotation problem



I have followed the recipes for rotating ads, in my case for the placement of two ads to rotate in the zone "sidebar:_left_column_2."

Sadly, the two ads, "Rutgers 2- WRB" and "Duke - WRB" are not rotating.

Have I missed a simple configuration step?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ed Farnsworth

Old City Publishing




Hi Ed,

I took a look at your account.  It looks like you've almost got it. I can see that you've created a Placement that you've set it to rotate its contents.

However, it looks like your Ads are currently targeted directly to your Zone.  This flow goes Ad -> Zone and the Placement is left out of the equation.  To get your Ads to rotate, target the Ads to your Placement instead of to the Zone.  This way it goes Ad -> Placement -> Zone.  This way your Placement settings can rotate the ads.

You can think of a Placement as a group of ads that share settings.  You want all of your ads to be part of a placement so that you can use the Placement's settings to control the rotation (and point the ads as a group to the Zone).


Thank you very much for your help, Colin, the rotation is working perfectly now! Best, Ed