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Ads not showing


ads are not showing up..Please see.


The above ads is used by kento ads rotator, but it has the popup when choose to open a new tab..Not sure when its not showing up..All I have created with ads,zone and placement..




Hi, I took a look at your account's configuration and it looks like the minimum height on your zone is set to 250px but your ad is only 245px tall.  Since the ad doesn't meet the minimum height requirement for the zone, it isn't displayed.  To fix, just make the minimum height for the zone smaller (245px or less) or remove the minimum height restriction entirely.

I'm changing your "answers" to "comments" to make this easier to read...see below.
Hi, ok..So they show up..But when I added more ads in different pages to show..Its not showing please see...http://www.dentistdirectorycanada.ca/ontario-dentists-directory/toronto-... , http://www.dentistdirectorycanada.ca/ontario-dentists-directory/ , im using the other plugin to show it for now.. But why is it not showing up..And when I added it to the zone in the ads thats showing they showed up..The ads are categorize in different locations so need to be not on the same page location..Which work on other page but not in the page I provided.. Please guide me.. Cheers
Hi,all ads are now not set with the height or width..So, im not sure why its not showing up
Hi I took another look at your account. It looks like you might want to use page targeting instead of all of the different zones. Basically you would have a single zone called "right sidebar", then you would make a placement called "Toronto". The placement would have the Page Targeting field set to "/toronto-dentists-directory/" (without the quotes) and the zone targeting field set to the "right sidebar" zone. Then target any ads that you want to appear on the Toronto dentist directory to the "Toronto" placement. You would then create similar placements for each city, etc.
All pages are in page targeting..I have already target each of the sidebar to each responsive pages..So should work..Since it worked on the other pages that it show up..Not sure why not on the other pages..
It looks like you have one ad ("United Smiles") targeted to your "Ontario ads 300x250" zone. This ad is also targeted to your "sidebar ad placement" placement. The "sidebar ad placement" placement however is NOT currently targeted to the "Ontario ads 300x250" zone. This keeps your ad from being served because placement settings take priority over ad settings. There are two ways to fix: either remove the placement targeting from the ad or target the placement to the "Ontario ads 300x250" zone.
Hi,so in my wordpress dashboard, I have created different widget areas for each of the location.On there, I specified what widgets to show on each..So for the page Ontario,I have set it on Ontario and put the ads on there using the shortcode on the widget ontario_ads_300x250 for ontario ads..Im not sure if were in the same spot or not.LOL. Cause I did the same thing on the Vancouver Dentists Directory and it worked.Did it on the other pages but didnt work.
Log into your account at adplugg.com. Then go to Ads > Placements. Click your placement named "Sidebar ad placement". Scroll down to the Zone Targeting section and you will see that you HAVE checked "Vancouver ads Sidebar 300x250" but you HAVE NOT checked "Ontario ads 300x250". Simply check "Ontario ads 300x250" and press submit and it will start working.