Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Also just can't get the ad to show


Just signed up. Only trying to do what is in the video tutorial- add an image to my sidebar. Went through the simple directions offered and its not working. ... I started with a javascript ad I need to add for a client but when that didn't work I doubled back to just do what is in the tutorial to see if it would work. Its the AARP ad Im trying to add to my sidebar- an instance of it already exists on my website, placed there as just an image, but obviously want to use AdPlugg widget so I can track it. There should be two of those ads right now, if the AdPlugg widget was working. https://hippopress.com/ 

I'm able to see your AdPlugg ad (and your other ads as well). Did you get it figured out? Or do you maybe have an ad blocker enabled?