Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Can't figure out why ads are showing.


My site... https://us51country.com/     is only showing 4 ads but it should be showing 8 and I have the side bar set to a max of 10 displayed.  

I've made sure that the ADS are 300 x 250 and set the ad size to accept 0 to 350 for both width and height... so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 




Hi, sorry for the trouble. It looks like there are just a couple of issues with the ads that aren't showing:


  • The first ad in your list (ad #56495) has 300x250 in the filename but the image is actually 1250x1042. So it doesn't meet the size requirements that you've set on your Zone. To fix, resize and reupload the image. You can resize it using Photoshop, PicMonkey (free) or any other graphics editing program.
  • Ad #33880 and Ad #54548 have Page Targeting set to only allow them to appear on certain pages. To fix, edit the Ads and remove the the values from the Page Targeting fields. Ad 54548 has a full URL in the Path Targeting field. If you use Path Targeting, just enter the path (ex: "/blog") and NOT a full URL (ex: "https://www.example.com/blog").

Hopefully, that fixes things for you.

Thank You! I'll make those correction!
Thank you so much for your assistance! I went back and checked and discovered the issues you mentioned and corrected them. It's taught me to not rely on advertisers dimensions without checking myself! LOL