Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

dc_rdid parameter


I am trying to serve an ad using javascript code supplied by a third party advertiser.

The code they provide includes 3 parameters


which are nulled. All the documentation I can find says that they must be populated by the Publisher.
Is that you (AdPlugg)? Is that me (gladavisj)? Or are the values generated automatically when the ad is served?

I know that the latter two are values of 0 or 1 but dc_rdid is an advertising id that seems to relate (in the documentation) to mobile devices.
Really confused now. Lots of Google advice saying how important these params are but nothing to say how the values are generated.



The dc_rdid param is for the device id (on mobile devices). This is just for ads that appear within mobile apps. You can skip it for ads on your website.