Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Do the ads rotate on refresh or a time frame?


What time increment do the ads rotate? On refresh or a time-delay?



UPDATE: We now have a timed rotate feature! You can read more about it on our blog: https://www.adplugg.com/blog/timed-rotate

Right now AdPlugg can only rotate ads on refresh.  We have had requests for adding a timed rotate feature and hope to have that feature available soon.  Our cookbook has a number of recipes that show what the AdPlugg ad rotator can do and how to set it up (see https://www.adplugg.com/support/cookbook/ad-rotator).

We've added this idea to our new ideas forum. Please check it out and vote on it here: https://www.adplugg.com/support/feedback-and-ideas/add-a-timed-rotate-feature