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Getting Inconsistent Results and 'Registry Id 'x' not found.' Errors on Vue SPA App


Hi! I was wondering if I could get some help getting AdPlugg working on my Vue SPA application. I followed the solution described in another article here for SPAs, but the ads load inconsistently (often not at all) and throw the error above (x is a single-digit integer that varies) when they do not load. 



UPDATE: Looping back to update this. This has been fixed since November 1st, 2022. You can now load the ad.js script multiple times on the page without issue (though it's best to only load it once if possible).

Sorry for the trouble. This is probably being caused by loading AdPlugg's ad.js script multiple times on the page. You might have installed the SDK/Snippet version of the script and then added some Advertiser Tags (which also include the main ad.js script) or you might have put multiple Advertiser Tags on the page, or you might have put the SDK/Snippet on the page twice.

Unfortunately, AdPlugg isn't able to handle this situation. The script initializes, registers your Ad Tag and then by the time the tag is being filled, your second instance of the script starts loading and wipes out the registry from the first load of the script.

This is an outstanding bug, the script should be smart enough to handle it. We have it on the list to be fixed but in the meantime, just ensure that you aren't loading AdPlugg multiple times on the page.