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HTML5 ad - how to set it up?


Hi, I've just made an ad using Bannersnack system. They allow to export creation in various formats. I'd like to HTML5 but I can't set it on my website using adplugg. Could you be so kind an take a look on my creations and tell me what shoud I do with it to make it work? 

here is my file to download:





Hi, that HTML5 ad creative looks good to go. Here's how to set it up:

  • In your AdPlugg account go to your Ads list.
  • Click the "Create New Ad" button.
  • Give the ad a name.
  • For the Format, choose Custom.
  • Upload the HTML5 ad zip file.
  • Enter any other settings, targeting, etc as needed.
  • Save the Ad.

That should do it.

Hi, all the best in 2021! Thanks for your reply. On desktop everything seems to work. On AMP and Mobile ad is not clickable. If you could be so kind, please check it up: My ads name: "Uniben 2021 AMP" url with an ad: https://radioklinika.pl/rozmaryn-substancje-czynne-wlasciwosci-zastosowa... "Uniben 2021 Mobile" url with an ad: https://radioklinika.pl/rozmaryn-substancje-czynne-wlasciwosci-zastosowa... I switched off this ad till we solve a problem. Hop you could test it anyway. If not please let me know, so I'll switch it back on
It looks like your ads use different creatives and the one that you are using for AMP doesn't properly implement the clickTag. You can fix by checking the "Ad click overlay" checkbox on the Ad in AdPlugg.
Now it works! Thanks a lot Collin! As always can count on you buddy!