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HTML5 ad not appearing


I am running WordPress and have the AdPlugg plugin set up and connected. I set up a 300x250 ad in my AdPlugg account (HTML5 ad), set up an Ad Zone for the top side bar area, targeted the ad to that ad zone, inserted an AdPlugg widget into the side bar and added the ad zone code. Unfortunately, I am not able to get the ad to appear.

I loaded the javascript ad tag code that was given to me by the ad agency (Flite.com) and the ad is not appearing in AdPlugg or on my site. Not sure where to go / what to do from here. When I try to Preview the ads on the ad page in AdPlugg the ad does not appear, just the name of ad appears.

I do have AdRotate installed on the site as well.

I tested the javascript ad tag code in DoubleClick for Publishers and the ads appear in there, so the code is good.





This has been fixed. AdPlugg was incorrectly rendering the ad tag from Flite.com.  We've updated our systems and the ad renders properly now.