Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

I need a simple but complete description of how to use adplugg on my weebly website. I have static pages and multiple blogs on same site.


My website has a Site wide area for ads  at the very top of the site above the header image, and in the footer area. It will also have groups of static pages ( each group for a specific topic) which can have a page level  ad spots anywhere on the page, there is no built in sidebar. The blogs have a blog sidebar and a spot for ads and the bottom of the post . I want to have ads that can be targeted to each group of pages and each blog. Can someone please help me get things organized in a way that gets the most out of ad plugg and my set up.


I am doing a website more as a learning experience. I take medication for a disabling condition, so I get confused sometimes when doing this type of stuff. Which is why I need directions simplified. I doing this because it helps with my therapy. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for trying, but that first answer is not what I am asking for.



There are "recipes" for using AdPlugg with Weebly in the AdPlugg Cookbook. See here:


For targeting ads to different pages, check out this recipe regarding page targeting: