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Impression and Click data is frozen


Dear, I have the free plan. My report has froze since yesterday, so the number of impressions and clicks remains the same, although with dozens of user hits to pages where the ad is. Is it because my plan is free? For me to have this click and impression data does the plan have to be Pro? Thanks to anyone who can help me.



I just took a look at your account and it is showing impressions and clicks for today. Are you able to see them?

Impression and click data is included with all plans (including the Free Plan). Keep in mind that stats are currently updated hourly on the half hour so you might not see the new impressions/clicks for up to an hour after they occur.

Dears, good morning! Still in doubt about the report. The data I have from my hits yesterday (29/10) on the pages where the banners are being published, according to Google Analytics, was 52 hits. In your report the information is that there were only 11 impressions of the pages containing the banners. Here comes my question: wouldn't it have to be 52 impressions? That is the same amount as the Google Analytics report? Awaiting a return, I am very grateful.
There could be a couple of reasons for that. The first is time zones. All AdPlugg stats use the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone. If you have Google Analytics configured to use your local time zone, the start and end of the day could be up to 12 hours different between the two systems. There is info on changing your Google Analytics time zone here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1010249?hl=en. Note that (as the article mentions) this only changes the data going forward and is not applied retroactively. The second possibility is bots. Both AdPlugg and Google Analytics have sophisticated bot filtering systems. They both filter a lot of the same bots but since they are different systems, one might be more restrictive than the other. I'd expect AdPlugg's to be more strict as our impression stats are being used by many large publishers and advertisers for billing purposes.
Thanks for the answer. In my Google analytics there are 19 hits to the banner pages today and in your Dashboard, the report has 11 impressions. Anyway it is good to wait a while to see if it updates and the data match. Thank you very much.