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Is it possible to Rotate the Position of Two Ads AND to Randomly Rotate Which Ad Displays at the same time?


Lets say I have two advertisors, Apple Watch and Coca Cola. Apple watch submit 3 different banners showcasing 3 different watch colors. Coca Cola only submit one banner. 

I want to randomly display 1 of Apple's banners at all times. I want to display the Coca Cola banner at all times. 

Since Coca Cola and Apple are paying me the same I want to rotate the position of the two adds so that Apple is sometimes above Coca Cola and vice versa. 

I have tried combining the recipe for "Rotate the Position of Two Ads" and "Rotate Which Ad Displays at the same time", but it doesn't seem to work. It just rotates between all 4 adds so that sometimes I see two apple banners and no coca cola banner. 



Hmm, I don't think that AdPlugg has a built in way to handle that scenario yet.  We hope to add support for setting the Advertiser on an Ad soon, you would then maybe be able to restrict a Placement or Zone to only show one Ad per Advertiser at a time.  Hopefully this will be available in the next 3 months or so.

As a workaround, you could make an HTML5 Ad for Apple and use JavaScript to randomly select which of the three banner images is displayed. You would then just have two Ads (one for HTML5 ad for Apple and one Image ad for Coca-Cola) and could use the "Rotate the Position of Two Ads" recipe.  A downside of this solution is that the banners would be tracked as a single ad so you wouldn't be able to see any differences in CTR between the different images.

We can create the HTML5 Ad for you if you want (roughly $100).  Send us a message using our Contact form if you are interested.