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Videos not showing on mobile devices



We could see that Video Ads are not working on mobile devices (Android and iOS), see https://www.adplugg.com/demo/video-ads/

Is there any fix or workaround for this?


Hi, I'm not seeing the issue. I've tried it on iOS using both Safari and Chrome. The video displays and plays fine. What happens for you? I should be able to try on Android later today.
I still can't get it to fail, though on some devices it doesn't autoplay (apparently some devices don't allow autoplay). It works for me on an iPhone 4, iPhone5, iPad, Nexus 5, Nexus 6p. Are you on wifi or a mobile network? Have you tried a different network? What happens when you try to load the video directly: http://cdn.adplugg .com/apusers/serve/A4822/file/9210/video-ad-video.mp4




We could reproduce the issue on all our devices:

iPad mini, iOS 8.1.2 (Safari and Chrome)

iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1 (Safari and Chrome)

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.1 (Safari and Chrome)

Asus Nexus 7, Android 4.4.2 (Chrome)

LG 3Gs Android, 4.4.2 (Chrome)


Please see this link for screenshots:



The issue is everywhere the same: The video is not showing and when clicking the Play-Button (if there is any), the video is not playing