Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Why does my adplugg ad persist on the site after the end date?


This only happens for site users on Google Chrome. Other browsers work fine. The ads finish on schedule and on all the other browsers I have tried the ads disappear as expected. On Google Chrome the ads persist, even if all the adplugg settings indicate the ad is finished. If you check on dailybusinessgroup.co.uk the ads for “Johnston Carmichael” are set up on adplugg. The rest are on google Adsense.




I don't see that ad when I look (even in Google Chrome). AdPlugg works on the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone which is linked to GMT (the time zone for England). So the ad will end on the End Date at approximately 11:59 PM. Scheduled ads may also be cached by our systems for up to an hour. It's possible that they are cached in your browser for up to an hour as well. Does this sound like what you are seeing? You could try clearing your browser cache, issuing a hard reset (F5 or CMD-R) or viewing the page in Google Chrome's Incognito Mode.
Unfortunately the problem persists for many hours. I cannot reproduce the problem but my customer has sent me a screenshot and confirms that the 'rogue' ad appears in Chrome but not on other browsers. I have asked the customer to clear their cache.... but I am not convinced that they understand what that means and so it may not have happened!