Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

In Content Ads


This recipe shows you how to insert ads within the content of your pages, posts, articles, etc.

A.) Download and Install AdPlugg

If you haven't already done so, follow these instructions to download and install the WordPress Ad Plugin or the Ad Snippet.

B.) Configure AdPlugg

Now we are going to configure your AdPlugg account for inserting ads into your content.

Create a New Zone

  1. Log in to the AdPlugg Ad Manager.
  2. Go to Ads and then choose Zones
  3. Create a Zone named "In Content 1" or similar. See the Ad Zone Help Page for more information about creating zones.
  4. Save the new zone.

Target an Ad to the New Zone

  1. Create an ad or edit an existing ad.
  2. In the Ad settings, scroll to the Zone Targeting section.
  3. Target the ad to the Zone that you created above.
  4. Save the Zone.

C.) Get the Ad Tag and Insert it into your Content

  1. Go back to your Zones list (go to Ads and then Zones).
  2. Click the "Get Tag" button next to your new Zone.
  3. Copy the Ad Tag for you Zone to your clipboard (CTRL-C or CMD-C).
  4. Paste the tag into your content. Note that you can paste this tag pretty much anywhere (into a page, post, widget etc). When AdPlugg loads, it will find the tag and insert the ad that you created above into it.

What's Next?

This should give you an idea of the power of AdPlugg Zones and Ad Tags. You can make this even more powerful by adding Ad Placements. With Ad Placements, you could do something like creating an "In Content - Sports - December" Placement. You would then target the Placement to your "In Content 1" zone, schedule it to run in December and target it to only show in the sports section of your site. Lastly, you would target ads to the placement (instead of directly to the Zone).

To start working with Ad Placements, check out our Ad Placement recipes.