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Creating Two Ads with Two Zones Using the WordPress Ad Plugin

This recipe shows you how to create two ads with two zones where each ad is displayed in its own zone. In this example, we place a leaderboard/banner ad at the top of the page and a narrow ad in the right sidebar part of the page. Following this recipe will give you a basic introduction to zones from which you can build more complex setups.

Note: This recipe is for if you are using the WordPress Ad Plugin, if you are using the Snippet, see this recipe instead.

A.) Download and Install the WordPress Ad Plugin

If you haven't done so already, follow these instructions to download and install the WordPress Ad Plugin.

B.) Configure AdPlugg

  1. Log in to the AdPlugg Ad Manager.
  2. Go to Ads and then choose Zones
  3. Create a zone named "Right Sidebar". Set the Max Width to 100 to ensure that ads that are wider than 100px don't display in the zone (and mess up our page formatting). Note: for a live site it is a good idea to set the other Min and Max values. See the Ad Zone Help Page for more information about creating zones.
  4. Save the new zone.
  5. Create another zone. This time name the zone "Topbar" and set the minimum width to 700. Save the new zone.
  6. Create an ad. Name the ad "Sidebar Ad" and upload an image not wider than 100 pixels. See the Ad Help Page for more information about creating ads.
  7. Create another ad. Name the ad "Topbar Ad" and upload an image that is 728px wide (this is the standard width for a leaderboard banner ad).

C.) Add Your Right Sidebar Zone to Your WordPress Site

  1. In a separate browser window, log in to your WordPress Admin Panel and go to Appearance and then Widgets.
  2. Go back to the AdPlugg Ad Manager and go to Zones.
  3. Next to your Right Sidebar zone, click the Get Machine Name button. Click on the machine name and press Ctrl-c to copy the machine name to your clipboard.
  4. Back in the WordPress Admin Console, if you've already added the AdPlugg Widget to your right sidebar, add the machine name to the zone field (Ctrl-v) and press Save. If you haven't added the AdPlugg Widget to your right sidebar yet, just drag the AdPlugg Widget into the right sidebar, paste the zone machine name in (Ctrl-v) and then press Save.

Your Right Sidebar ad should now display on your WordPress site.

D.) Add Your Topbar Zone to Your WordPress Site

This step will depend on your WordPress theme. Some WordPress themes have a widget area for the topbar/header section of the page. If your theme does, just repeat the steps above for the Right Sidebar but this time use the Topbar zone and the Topbar/Header widget area.

If your WordPress theme only has a Sidebar widget area (as is the case with most of the default themes), you will need to add the topbar tag directly to your WordPress theme.

Adding Your Topbar Tag to Your WordPress Theme

Note: How to edit your WordPress site files will vary from site to site. If you need help editing your site files, contact your hosting provider.

  1. Open your site files, and edit the wp-content/themes/<YOUR-THEME>/header.php file.
  2. Log in to your adplugg ad manager account at and go to Ads > Zones.
  3. Press the Get Tag button to the right of your Topbar tag. Click on the tag and press Ctrl-c to copy the tag to your clipboard.
  4. Back in your header.php file, find the place where you want to put your Topbar zone (probably right after the opening <body> tag) and past in your ad tag (Ctrl-v).
  5. Save your header.php file.
  6. If necessary, upload your modified header.php file to your website's server.

You should now see your Topbar Ad at the top of your site as well as your Sidebar Ad in the Right Sidebar.