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Add Support for WordPress Shortcodes


I'd like to use WordPress Shortcodes to insert ads into my WordPress site.

- originally submitted by mmallgamer

I also would like this feature. I want to ad specific ads targeted to specific pages/posts
just learning this, how do i add an ad with just a script tag and i dont have a jpeg file just the coding, i have it on my website but need it to show in my reports for stats etc,,
@valerieanne What you are describing sounds like the ability to serve Third Party Ad Tags. AdPlugg only supports serving images at this point. That would be a great addition though. Please add it to the list by clicking the Give Feedback/Post Idea link at the bottom of the forum index page. Thanks!
Signed up with Ad Plugg, and was very excited to use the service, but supporting only widgets it worse than useless. I'll have to find another WP ad solution.
Instead of shortcodes you can drop AdPlugg Zone tags directly into your WordPress post, source code, pages, widgets, etc. Just create a zone in AdPlugg and call it something like "In Content Ads". Then from the list of zones, click the Get Tag button. Paste the tag into your post, page, etc. Now any ads targeted to the zone will display wherever you placed the zone tag. This strategy will work on WordPress or any other type of site. To learn more about zones, see We do plan to add support for shortcodes in the future but you should be able to do just about everything that you can do with shortcodes using zone tags.
You can now use AdPlugg as a third party ad server (above I stated that you couldn't). This functionality was added in September of 2017 (see You can also now add AdPlugg tags to your WordPress site using the AdPlugg WordPress Block. For most modern WordPress sites, blocks have largely replaced shortcodes. You can read more about the AdPlugg Block on the blog here: