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New WordPress Ad Block

We just made it a lot easier for you to put ads on your WordPress site. If you are one of the many publishers that use AdPlugg with WordPress, as of today, you can place ads into any block enabled part of your site using the new AdPlugg ad block!

The AdPlugg block is similar to the AdPlugg widget, simply place it using the controls in the wp-admin and you can then start inserting ads into the block on the frontend of your site using your controls at

Using the block is easy. When you are using the WordPress block editor, simply click the plus icon and then select the AdPlugg block. You can then optionally enter a Zone machine name to tie the block to one of your AdPlugg Zones.

The AdPlugg Ad Block In Action

You can use the AdPlugg block in any areas of WordPress that support blocks. This includes pages, posts, widget areas, etc.

Using blocks is just one more way that you can insert AdPlugg Ads onto your site. The AdPlugg Widget is still an option for your Widget areas. And you can still paste AdPlugg Ad Tags directly into your pages, posts, HTML blocks, theme files, etc.

We hope that you like the new ad block and now find it super easy to drop ads in via the block editor. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for how we could make the AdPlugg block the best ad block for WordPress, please let us know in the comment section below.

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