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Ads placement


How to put advertisement on the header and footer in my website? Thanks.



The steps required to put an ad in your header and/or footer are going to vary based on your site layout, platform (WordPress, Wix, etc), and your theme. Some sites have space for an ad in the header and footer and make it easy. for other sites it can be a bit more tricky.

For a WordPress site, there may be a place in your theme's settings where you can paste in an AdPlugg Ad Tag to have ads in the tag appear in the header or footer. Your theme may also declare a widget area in your header or footer. If it does, you can then just drag the AdPlugg Widget into these areas. If you are on a newer WordPress Block Theme (with full site editing), you can drag the AdPlugg WordPress Block into your header or footer while using Editor tool in the wp-admin.

With other WordPress sites and other (non-WordPress) platforms, you may be able to add the AdPlugg Tags into your site files. We have instructions for adding an Ad Tag into your WordPress theme files here:


For sites on platforms or themes that don't offer a way (or at least not an easy way) to edit your header or footer, you can insert ads into your header or footer using AdPlugg's Auto-Insertion feature. This feature allows you to insert your tags using JavaScript and rules that you define in your AdPlugg account. Please contact us for more information regarding the Auto-Insertion feature and for help configuring your Auto-Insertions.

As the steps required to place ads in your site header and footer are very site specific, it may be beneficial to contact us directly for assistance. Please don't hesitate to reach out, we'd love to help!