Mr. Pickles the AdPlugg Pug

Creative rotation


Hi There,

I put multiple images of the same ad as additional "Creatives", however, only the first image will ever show. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks for any advice,




AdPlugg works a little different than some other ad servers in this regard.  Additional creatives are used in scenarios where the primary creative can't be served for some reason.  For instance the first creative could be Flash and the second creative could be an image.  If the user's browser/device supports Flash, the Flash creative will be shown.  If the user's browser doesn't support Flash, the image will be shown.  You order the creatives with the preferred one at the top.

If you have multiple creatives that are the same format but are different artwork, etc; you would make multiple AdPlugg Ads.  You can then set the ads to rotate using a Placement.  This recipe from our cookbook shows how to do it.