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github-social-codingAdPlugg is now on GitHub, Woohoo! With AdPlugg on GitHub you can take advantage of the collaborative powers of GitHub for any publicly available AdPlugg source code.

GitHub is the largest code hosting site out there. It has over 10 and a half million code repositories. The great thing about GitHub for AdPlugg is that GitHub includes integrative issue tracking and collaborative code review.

GitHub’s integrated issue tracking allows you to report any issues that you have with the code. An AdPlugg engineer can then work with you to get the issue resolved. Sometimes this will involve adding a fix into the GitHub repository which will then go out with the next version release.

With GitHub’s collaborative code review, you can actually suggest changes to the AdPlugg code and our engineers can review, comment and accept the changes.

Right now AdPlugg has the AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin hosted with GitHub. The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is also available from the WordPress Ad Plugin Download page on Though you can download the plugin from GitHub, in general it is best to download it from unless you are an advanced user.

The AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This means that you can fork (make a copy of) the code and do just about anything that you want with it.

To make it easy to get to, we’ve added a link to our GitHub home page in the footer of the website.

Get involved with the development of AdPlugg and check us out on GitHub

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