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Blog Income – How to Maximize


Blog Income is easily one of the most crucial factors for measuring the success of any blog. To realize your blog’s full potential you need to:

  • Maximize the quality and frequency of blog content – Produce lots of quality content for your readers to read and for the search engines to index.
  • Maximize blog traffic – Efficiently and effectively promote your blog (see How to Promote Your Blog – 5 Simple Steps).
  • Maximize blog income – Read on…

Blog Income Maximization

The goal of blog income maximization is to earn as much as you can from each unit of ad “inventory” on your site while keeping your site free of ads that might be off-putting or annoying to your readers.

To maximize your blog income, you need to look at all possible sources of income available to your blog. These potential sources of income include:

  • Display Ads
  • Text Based PPC Ads (Such as Google AdSense)
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Paid Links
  • Sponsored Posts

NOTE: See How Do Bloggers Make Money? for more details on the above blog income sources.

To maximize your blog income you’ll want to utilize all available channels and always go with the best paying channel (when you have a choice). You’ll also want to try to keep mindful of the user experience (UX) and keep your ads beneficial to the user and tasteful.

You’ll quickly find that display ads pay the best. Furthermore display ads where you’ve sold directly to the advertiser pay the best within the display ad channel (versus network ads).

So in general, to maximize your blog income you’ll want to sell as much of your ad inventory as possible to advertisers who will run targeted display ads on your site for a premium price. Ad inventory that hasn’t been sold directly can be filled with ads from other channels/sources. Our recent blog post, How to Get Advertisers for Your Blog – 4 Steps, teaches you how to get this type of advertiser.

Once you get the advertisers signed, you can manage and serve their ads with AdPlugg (it’s what AdPlugg was designed to do!). If you have AdPlugg Pro, you can then generate reports to send to your advertisers to keep them happy and excited to continue advertising with you.

Have questions or want to share what you did to maximize your blog income? Please use the comments section below.

3 responses to “Blog Income – How to Maximize”

  1. TonmoyParves Avatar

    Hello Collin, Thanks for your guideline. To be honest, i am new comer Blogger and started my blogging journey 25 days ago. that’s why i always searching for HOW TO EARN BY BLOGGING. And i got your this article from Google. Really i just learn the points about Affiliate Ads. But, which company is best for Affiliate ads? AS well For ADs network Google is the best. So for Affiliate which one is best? Would you please love to share


    1. Collin Krawll Avatar
      Collin Krawll

      I’d recommend checking out the following affiliate networks:

      1. Amazon
      2. LinkShare
      3. ShareASale
      4. CommissionJunction

      They are all free to join and each have different pros/cons. LinkShare, ShareASale and CommissionJunction all have different advertiser accounts so you might pick one depending on the advertiser programs that you are interested in. I recommend that publishers use a combination of all of the ones above but personally I like Amazon and LinkShare the best.

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