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New Ad Formats Released! HTML5, Flash, Responsive, Bar Ads, Text Ads, More…

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Sometimes a demo is worth a thousand words. Check out the demo at

We just released a whole slew of new ad formats! AdPlugg now includes the following formats:

  • Image Ads – These are the standard display ads that you are probably already using. Previously you had to upload the ad image to AdPlugg, by request, we now allow you to upload the image or to link to an image hosted on your own or a third party site.
  • Bar Ads – (Pro Level Only) This a new responsive ad format. You can choose the text, image, colors and add a call-to-action button. You can also choose a launch event such as “after scrolling a little”, “after reaching the bottom of the page”, or after a set number of seconds. You can position the bar ad fixed to the top or bottom of the screen or relative to your Zone.
  • Flash Ads – (Pro Level Only) Flash ads are a widely used format for rich media ads. Most Flash ads include animations and text effects. We’ve added support for industry standard clickTAGs which allow you to use AdPlugg tracked click URLs within your Flash ads.
  • Text – (Pro Level Only) Text ads are similar to ads shown on popular seach engines such as Google. Our text ads allow you to choose a headline, two body lines and a display URL.
  • Image + Text Ads – (Pro Level Only) As the name implies, Image + Text ads combine Image and Text ads to create a format that makes an impact and performs.
  • Text Link – (Pro Level Only) Text link ads are simple links that you can place on your site. They are both subtle and effective. We allow you to set the display url to whatever you want while the actual url is an AdPlugg click tracked link.
  • Dialog Ads – (Pro Level Only) Dialog ads are a responsive ad format where the ad is displayed in a “popup” dialog. This format allow you to choose colors, text, image and a call-to-action button. It allows for the same launch events supported by bar ads (see above).
  • Slide-In Ads – (Pro Level Only) Slide in ads are a responsive ad format where the message slides onto the screen. These allow for the same content and launch events as our Dialog ads (see above). You can position them to slide-in from the top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right corners of the screen.
  • Interstitial Ads – (Pro Level Only) Interstitial ads are the same as Dialog ads (see above) except they take up the whole screen. Interstitial ads are used to display a message before the user is able to view the page content.
  • Video Ads – (Pro Level Only) Video ads are display ads similar to image ads except instead of displaying an image, they show a video.
  • Custom/HTML5 Ads – (Pro Level Only) Custom ads allow you to insert custom HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, CSS/CSS3, SVG etc. This can be used to create your own custom ad format or to insert ad tags from third party ad sources such as third party ad servers, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, etc. You can also upload a zipped/packaged ad that includes HTML5 source code.

We’ve also added a new Demo section to our site. A demo of each of these new ad formats can be seen there.

Most of these formats are only available to Pro Level users, so if you are not already “Pro”, sign up today!

We will likely be writing more here on the blog about each of these new formats in the coming months so check back for more info. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please post them to the comments section below.

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