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New Ad Manager Improvements

We just released a slew of new improvements to the AdPlugg Ad Manager. Here’s what’s new:

  • Ad archiving (All Plans)
  • Column visibility controls (All Plans)
  • Geotargeting column and filter (Business Plan)
  • Ad Groups filter (Business Plan)

Ad Archiving

Struggling with a long list of Ads – where many of them are old but you want to keep them for historical purposes? AdPlugg’s new Archive feature is here to help!

From the Ads list, there is a new “Archive” option under the Actions menu on the right. Choose Archive and you will be prompted to confirm moving the Ad to your archive. Once in your archive, the Ad will be removed from the Ads list as well as the list of ads in Charts and Reports. Note that the any stats from the ad will still be included in any totals.

To access your Ad archive, click the filter bar at the top of the Ads list and change the “Current” dropdown to Archive.

When viewing your archive, there is a new option under the Actions menu on the right titled “Restore”. Choose the “Restore” option and you will be prompted to confirm restoring the Ad from your archive. After you confirm the restore, the ad will be re-included in your Ads list, etc.

Note that any enabled Ads will be automatically disabled when moved to your archive.

The new Archive feature is available for all plans.

Column Visibility Controls

You can now control which columns you see from the various lists in the system. Want to see the Description field on your ads, turn on the column! Don’t use the Ad Order field? Turn the column off!

You can access the new Column visibility controls by clicking the Filter/Search/Options bar at the top of any lists (including Ads, Placements, Zones, etc).

The new Column Visibility Controls feature is available for all plans.

Geotargeting Column and Filter

Users of the AdPlugg Business Plan can now show a column for the locations that their Ads and Placements geotarget. We’ve also added a Geotargeting filter allowing you to filter the list based on the Geotargeting settings of the entries.

The Geotargeting column is turned off by default. Access the Filter/Search/Settings menu at the top of the Ads or Placements list and check the Geotargeting checkbox (under Columns). You will now be able to see the location that each entry targets.

Also in the Filter/Search/Settings menu is the new Geotargeting filter. Choose a location and the list will be filtered to show only entries that match the filter.

Ad Groups Filter

Want to view just the Ads that are a part of a particular Ad Group? You can do it with the new Ad Group filter for the Ads list!

In the Filter/Search/Settings menu at the top of the Ads list, there is a new Ad Groups dropdown. Just choose which Ad Group you want and the list of Ads will be filtered to only show ads that target that particular Ad Group.

Ad Groups and the new Ad Groups filter are available to users of the AdPlugg Business plan.

More Improvements?

Have ideas for additional improvements that we could make? More filters? More columns? Please post your ideas to the AdPlugg Feedback and Ideas Forum or let us know in the comments section below.

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