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New Features Released! Ad Zones, Page Targeting and More…

ad_targetingYou asked for it, you got it – we just released a whole heap of new major features.  Included are Ad Zones, Ad Placements, Ad Targeting,  Page Targeting and more.  All this along with an update to both the Ad Snippet as well as the WordPress Ad Plugin.  Don’t worry it’s all optional, use the new features if you want to but here’s why you should want to…

Ad Zones

Ad Zones allow you to break your page into different ad location areas.  These can be things like “Topbar” or “Right Sidebar”. You can restrict zones to only allow ads of certain sizes and you can restrict the number of ads that can display in one zone at a time.  Note that zones usually span all of the pages on your site but they don’t have to.  To target certain pages (instead or as well), see the Ad Placements or Ad Targeting sections below.

Ad Placements

Ad Placements allow you to group your ads. Additionally, they allow you to break up your site’s ad inventory into manageable chunks. For example you could create an Ad Placement called “Right Sidebar – Front Page”. When you create the placement you can set it to target the “Right Sidebar” Zone and the <front> page. You can then set your ads to target the “Right Sidebar – Front Page” placement. You can also schedule placements and enable disable them. Placements allow you to apply a schedule or a set of targeting rules to a group of ads.

Ad Targeting

Ad Targeting allows you to target your ads to different things. As of the update, you can target your ads (via the new Targeting section when you add or edit an ad) to:

  • Zones
  • Pages
  • Placements

Ads that are targeted to a Zone (or several Zones) will only display in those zones. Ads that are targeted to pages, will only display on those pages.  Alternatively (or at the same time, i think) you can target ads to a Placement. The Placement can then target Zones and Pages.

So, What’s the Big Deal?

By targeting your ads to different locations within your site you can increase the relavence of the ads that are displayed as well as maximize the amount of money that you can make from each location. Sell ads on the front page at the top to big budget advertisers and sell ads on secondary pages or ads near the bottom to advertisers with tighter budgets.  Get it?  I thought you would.

To learn more, read the full press release which is at: New AdPlugg Features Make Blog Advertising Even More Profitable and Effective.

Don’t be shy, try out the new features and let us know what you think!

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